Choices School Program

A PCC Healthy Relationship Program

The Purpose

  • Providing quality education with a student-friendly approach that equips young people to make informed choices
  • Delivering a comprehensive program that educates students, parents, teachers, and community leaders

The Program Includes:

  • Age-appropriate presentations for grades 6 through 12
  • Character education
  • Skills for positive decision making and setting healthy boundaries
  • Healthy relationship education
  • Education on sexual risk avoidance and risk reduction
  • Latest medical research data on sexually transmitted infections

Program History

  • Prevention and relationship education provided to more than 260,000 young people
  • Teen pregnancies have declined in southwest Missouri an average of more than 20%
  • Choices Project offers 1, 2, and 8 day presentations as a free service to the community
  • Teaching in southwest Missouri schools since 2000
  • Training for presenters utilizes multiple programming and curriculum options that are medically accurate and aligned with the CDC and state-mandated goals and objectives

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