Our Approach

Compassion and Hope

Navigating an Unplanned Pregnancy

“I am so in love with this place! Everyone is extremely nice and made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. I will always recommend them to anyone. I love that it’s Christian but of course, they don’t push that on you. They truly just want to help you. I was scared of having baby number two, but once I got there it was such a warm welcome as if I walked into my mom’s house. I’m so excited to start my classes next week.” — Danielle, PCC Client

PCC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), compelled by our Christian faith to serve people facing unplanned pregnancy. We offer all services free of charge to our clients, regardless of gender, race, income level or religion.

PCC’s approach begins with offering compassion and hope. Through our dedicated team and medical professionals, we seek to provide honest information about the options available to our clients. We are committed to serving the whole person, which means our services are more than just tests. Through individualized coaching and group classes on a wide range of topics, we seek to help empower our clients and strengthen their families.

Our medical services are supervised by our local, certified OB/GYN Medical Director who oversees the pregnancy testing and ultrasound programs. We provide additional medical referrals to some of the region’s top doctors and hospitals.

We are a life affirming service provider, which means we do not provide referrals for abortion procedures nor do we perform abortions. We seek to be transparent in our position while striving to provide unbiased quality services to families facing unplanned pregnancy so they are informed of the many options available to them regardless of their circumstances.

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