PCC's Fatherhood Program

PCC offers services and programs to support mom, dad and the baby. “I’m so glad this place is for the guy too!” is one of the comments we receive from our clients. And guys love PCC. We offer one-on-one coaching and education about issues guys face during the pregnancy as well as classes that help them transition into fatherhood – all facilitated by guys in guy-friendly spaces.

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1. Take a tour of PCC and see the impact firsthand.
2. Meet with PCC’s Fatherhood Director and learn more about the program.
3. Receive training and resources to equip you to mentor young dads.
“When I started taking the fatherhood classes, I wasn’t prepared for supporting my wife and having a baby together.  After, I was much better equipped.  They taught me to be more supportive and helped prepare me for the baby.”

Ben, PCC Client
“Fatherhood program was awesome! They set us up with a lot of necessities for our baby. I highly recommend!!”
“The Pregnancy Care Center provides many very helpful and informative classes… They also offer a helpful fatherhood mentorship program that has helped prepare me for fatherhood. I highly recommend this to any expecting singles or families.”
“The Pregnancy Care Center has been amazing for both of us. They offer services for Moms and Dads. If you have a baby on the way, I recommend 1000% to get involved with the center. They are a wealth of information and services.”

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PCC depends on a community of donors and advocates.

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