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PCC was named the Great Game of Business 2020 All-Star Champion for social sectors!

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2020

PCC was named the Great Game of Business 2020 All-Star Champion for social sectors!  This is a national award recognizing the best of the best among nonprofit, educational and governmental Great Game™ practitioners.

Great Game™ is an open-book management operating system rooted in the notion of teams really knowing what’s going on and possessing the authority and responsibility to affect change in the organization. Businesses, both for-profit and nonprofit, that implement Great Game™ typically experience dramatic improvement in financial and operational results as well as organizational culture.

Our initial goal was to make PCC more financially sustainable so we could continue to fulfill our mission of saving lives and strengthening families.  We also desire to be excellent stewards of the resources God and our community partners entrust to us, and Great Game™ provided the perfect framework for greater accountability and transparency.

After implementing Great Game™ in September of 2018, we noticed immediate improvement in several key areas—especially when it came to financial literacy, teamwork, focus, and gaining momentum in areas where we had previously been stuck. The excellent client service, healthy organizational culture, and positive financial results motivated our team to continue playing Great Game™.

Great Game™ has helped our entire team feel more confident that our mission is secure while allowing us to feel less stressed and more knowledgeable about our financial position and operational goals.  With Great Game™, we know that everyone is focused on the right things and working toward the right goals in the right ways.

The financial results have also been strong.  Since implementing Great Game™, revenue has increased by 18%; net income has increased by 308% and PCC’s cash reserves have increased 300%. Like many nonprofits, we used to struggle with insufficient cash and too much debt. Today, we have three months of cash reserves and no line-of-credit balance.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, PCC was forced to postpone our largest fundraiser, the Annual Banquet, which delayed a projected $400,000 in revenue. Thankfully, PCC was designated an essential business in the wake of the pandemic in March and at that time, most of our team began working from home. But Great Game™ helped keep us connected, thanks to the weekly huddle rhythms we had already established.

We are so grateful that we have been able to stay focused on our mission and on serving our clients. While other non-profit organizations have been in survival mode and having to lay off valuable team members, PCC has been able to keep all of our team members on at full pay, which allows us to do what we all feel called to do – offer hope and help to those facing unplanned pregnancy.

We believe God has used the Great Game™ concepts and tools to give us the reality check and the confidence we need to move forward, and we trust Him to help us not only recover but come out of this stronger than ever.

“What’s amazing is her [Lisa McIntire’s] application of teaching everyone in the organization what it took to turn the organization around. As a result of opening [the financials] and teaching people how to survive and grab the brass ring, it’s been an incredible story and an incredible success. Congratulations!”

Jack Stack, Founder, President and CEO of SRC Holdings, Author of The Great Game of Business

“Great Game has made us more aware of all the departments and how we all work together for a bigger goal. We all work as a team for the goal of ourselves, our team, and our company. Without helping the team, we cannot help ourselves.”

Allison Forrest, Project Coordinator for PCC

“Our culture has become more collaborative at resolving challenges. Each team member is engaged, even for line items that are not in their department. I notice a greater respect for one another because there is a common understanding of the role each team member plays to impact the mission and the budget.”

Denee Fay, Community Engagement Director for PCC

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