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PCC Receives Grant from Northside Christian Church

Posted on Friday, June 5th, 2020

A big thank you to Northside Christian Church for awarding a grant to PCC to help support our newly launched online education program! During the statewide shelter in place order, the PCC team implemented creative solutions which provide clients with the help and guidance they need during this unique time.  

The goal of supplementing PCC’s robust education program with online classes is to eliminate the practical barriers which prevent many clients from receiving access to PCC services in the center. Now, clients can access quality educational material online taught by subject matter experts through our newly launched 417families.com website. Virtual classes will be available on an ongoing basis for clients who cannot access our physical location even as in-center classes resume.

PCC’s nearly 100 classes cover topics such as pregnancy and birth, baby’s first year, life skills, positive partnerships, fatherhood and much more. These classes are a crucial part of PCC’s mission to save lives and strengthen families. As clients invest in themselves through education, they are building their confidence as parents and discovering their potential, which are both keys to strengthening their family unit. 

Upon reflecting on the services and support PCC has provided throughout her pregnancy and journey as a new parent, one mom stated, “Pregnancy Care Center has helped me so much in the transition to motherhood. From the classes they offer, to the diapers I have received, and all the support the women have shown, I’m forever thankful for them.” 

This gratitude is extended to all of our partners who support the work of PCC and to Northside Christian Church for their generous investment in our online education program!

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