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Honoring Life and the Mystery Within

Posted on Saturday, January 16th, 2021

January is Sanctity of Human Life month, which, as you can imagine, is particularly meaningful for the PCC community. 

After all, our mission to save lives and strengthen families is deeply rooted in the conviction that every human life has inestimable and inherent value, created by a God of love for a meaningful purpose. 

Sadly, that idea can be a tough sell in today’s world.

For the past five decades or so, our culture has cheapened the value of life in various ways, abortion being chief among them. The pervasive narrative asserts that a person has value only if someone else assigns value to them. 

If a person is not “wanted,” their existence is not warranted.

In other words, people without power or the potential to be “productive” are insignificant. This mentality clearly harms the unborn, but it also devalues the elderly, terminally ill, and developmentally disabled. 

Even still, we live within a cultural dichotomy: We are hardwired to esteem human life and do our part to preserve it, often at great personal and societal cost.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we saw this play out daily in 2020.  We agree that it is good and right to save lives and do all we can to prevent the loss of human life. 

We have all witnessed – and many of us have experienced firsthand – the heroics of healthcare workers serving courageously and compassionately, undaunted by the personal risks they face.  We have united around the goal of protecting our fellow citizens.  Why?

Because life is precious, and we know it.

In the deepest part of ourselves, even when we try to deny it, we instinctively understand that each person is unique and irreplaceable – a living, breathing bearer of God’s DNA. 

PCC welcomed 450 babies in 2020, so, each day, we get to experience expectant parents’ excitement as their due date draws near. 

They imagine what their baby will look like: Will he have curly hair or blue eyes, or fair skin?  They wonder whether her temperament will be easy-going or intense. 

And they dream about the many ways their child will impact them, their families, and the world

We wonder about these things because we do not have any control over them. God alone builds their bodies and packs them with personality and potential before they are ever born.  Then, He entrusts these tiny treasures to our care. 

The entire process is nothing short of a miracle, shrouded in mystery and beauty – even amidst complex circumstances and what feels like terrible timing.

We know this, and yet somehow, as a culture, we have managed to convince ourselves that life is disposable.  We have discounted the wonder of a freshly formed human life – to the detriment of ourselves and our entire society. 

The solution is simple – not easy, but simple:  We need to start from a place of honor for the creative design and mystery inherent in every person – young or old, rich or poor, black or white, born or unborn.

We should be in awe of God’s creation – just like we are when we behold a breathtaking sunset or climb a mountain peak – and treat our fellow human beings like the masterpieces they are.

We can never fully unveil the mystery in another person. So, let’s be humble enough to recognize that God is writing a story with each of our lives. 

In a nutshell, that is what PCC is all about. 

We honor our clients by serving each man, woman and child with compassion and treating them with the dignity God intended.  

We offer hope and practical help from a place of authenticity and empathy, so our clients can value their own lives and find the courage to honor the life that God has created within them.


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