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Allow a Dad to be a Dad Right from the Start

Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2021

At Pregnancy Care Center (PCC), we work mostly with expectant, first-time dads.  That means we get to see the value in men connecting with their children at the earliest possible moments.  How a man responds to the news that his partner is pregnant and to the ultrasound pictures of his child can set the stage for bonding with the baby after she/he is born.

Moms and kids benefit greatly from having a good dad in their lives.

Fathers may underestimate the positive influence and impact they can have on their children because of their own painful childhood experiences or cultural mixed messages.  But a mom’s support and encouragement can go a long way toward building those bonds between a dad and his son or daughter.


by Lisa McIntire, Executive Director, featured on gooddads.com

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