Our Team


Lisa McIntire

Executive Director

Ken Coleman

Building Supervisor

Vania Hager

Operations Director

Carrie Askins

Director of Finance

Community Engagement

Heather Neubauer

Community Engagement Director

Ali Forrest

Community Engagement Coordinator

Sarah Lawson

Campus Coordinator

Client Services

Terri Blackmon

Client Services Director

Joe Bell

Fatherhood Director

Sheila Crockett

Client Services Coordinator

Lisa Kean

Staff Coach

Mindy Martens

A2A Coordinator

Kristen Feola


Allston Hixson


Cassandra Wilkey


Alyssa Tabor

Education Coordinator

Medical Services

Cheryl Barratt, RN

Nurse Director

Doreen Kelley, RN

Staff Nurse

Amanda Massey, RN

Staff Nurse

Student Education

Shaun Courtney

Choices Project Coordinator

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