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2020 Has Been Unforgettable

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

As this unique year comes to an end, we are deeply grateful for all that God has done for and through PCC and for the faithful support of partners like you. Thanks to your generosity, we continue to offer hope and practical help to thousands of young people and their children. We invite you to celebrate some of PCC’s achievements as a result of your prayer and investment in the mission to save lives and strengthen families.

1. Welcomed 450 Babies and Served 1,300 Clients

In 2020, we welcomed nearly 450 babies into the PCC family and served right at 1,300 women and men with vital services to help them choose life for their babies and prepare for parenthood and family life. 

2. Celebrated our 20th Anniversary

In our August livestream Banquet, we reflected on our founding mission to save lives and strengthen families, celebrated the incredible impact PCC has had on the community, and looked forward to all God has planned for our future. If you missed it, you can view the Banquet livestream here

3. Pivoted to Virtual Coaching and Classes

New COVID-19 protocols and restrictions in March caused us to take a fresh approach to client service. Our dedicated coaches and clients adjusted quickly to a new virtual format, which allowed us to continue our coaching and classes virtually uninterrupted while maintaining client confidentiality. 

4. Named Great Game of Business Social Sector Champion

PCC was named the Great Game of Business 2020 All-Star Champion for social sectors. We want to be excellent stewards of the resources God and our community partners entrust to us, and Great Game™ provides the perfect framework for accountability and transparency. You can read more here.

5. Expanded Education Program

Thanks to more virtual options, we expanded our education program to offer 95 different classes on a wide range of pregnancy, parenting and personal development topics. We provided quality education to 1,165 expectant parents in 2020. See all our classes here

6. Reduced Mortgage Debt

PCC continues to maintain focus on paying off our mortgage, which is our only debt, and are committed to not using lines of credit. This fall, a generous partner gave a $25,000 donation to pay toward mortgage principal, which leaves a remaining balance of just under $200,000! 

7. Implemented Infant Safety Incentive Program

With funding from the Children’s Trust Fund, we implemented an infant safety incentive program in July. By participating in five coaching sessions and attending five core classes, moms and dads can choose either a brand new car seat or a brand new pack ‘n play to give their babies safe sleep and transportation options. In just six months, 17 clients have completed the program and 25 more are diligently working toward completion. Learn more

8. Stewarded Resources Carefully

Despite all the challenges 2020 presented us with, God and our partners remained faithful! Our overall revenue for the year actually increased, which did include some federal PPP funds and CARES funds from the county. In our weekly Great Game™ huddles, we keep a close eye on income and expenses, and we were able to maintain a stable cash reserves balance through the turbulent times. 

9. Launched 417families Website

Our mission is to save lives and strengthen families, and we find one of the best ways to help young people prepare to be a family is through personal, practical solutions. So, in the spring, we launched our 417families website, which allows current clients and anyone needing pregnancy or parenting support to register for classes and speak directly with a member of our client services team to create a personalized plan for their unplanned pregnancy. 

10. Laid Groundwork for Greater Campus Presence

More than half of our clients are high school or college age. But we know through market research that many students still don’t know who we are or how we can help. That’s a problem when they discover they’re pregnant and have nowhere to turn. So we have added a part-time Campus Ambassador to our team to help build relationships with students and faculty on campuses across Springfield, which we will start when campuses are open again.

We are grateful for all God has done this year and are excited about the future and the progress we are making in fulfilling our mission to save lives and strengthen families. 

We owe so much of it to your faithful support. 

Thank you, and Merry Christmas,

Lisa McIntire, CPA Executive Director

Our offices will be closed December 24th – January 3rd. We will be open December 30th and 31st from 10am – 4pm to receive donations and tax credit applications.


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